Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dear 20 year old Me

You are awesome. I'm sure of it! Whether you believe it or not you have always been awesome so I know that you are still going to be awesome even when you hit the 20s! I am not worried because I know that you have kept the sparkle that you used to try so hard to get rid of. From the countless plans of destruction we know that your glitter is indestructible, even under the hardest circumstances.

Do you even remember those times?
Or is it all a blur as you trade the moments of despair for fun, new and exciting memories of tomorrow. (Wow I know right 16yr old me is sounding so poetic)

Do you still drink green tea, because normal tea makes you more alert then you already are (as if that's possible). Or have you lost all the anxiety ridden thoughts for more positive and uplifting ones, which you have always tried to do with every waking moment. That is not a bad thing. I just hope that it's easier now.

I hope that by the age of 20 you feel as though you've accomplished something; whether it's being able to cook something without having to question your actions once, learning a new language or finally finishing compulsory education with the biggest smile. 

I hope you have travelled to another country long enough to take in the culture so much you could be part of the community! Have you gone to a country and tried their national dish, or that thing like eating turkey in Turkey or ride a camel in Egypt. You don't need to live in another country forever if that still scares you but a vacation should be one of your essentials. That being said you haven't stayed in a fancy hotel yet and if that's still the case you need to go do that ASAP especially if you still live in London.

My biggest hope is that you know where you're headed, I mean the amount of times you get lost is crazy but it’s always more comforting when you have a destination. I would like to think that you have a job or at least a lot of experience in the whole careers field. Do you know what you want to do as a living? At this very moment I have no clue and it is honestly so frustrating. Please make sure it's something you wouldn't mind doing for the rest of your life so it better be helpful to you and the world. You currently enjoy Psychology, Science, Photography and the whole reading, binge watching, blogging, travelling and new experience, going out of your comfort zone thing! Does your life still include any of that?

Actually my biggest hope is that you've finished reading and watching all the things you wanted to because it is really annoying when you don’t as the thoughts of unfinished novels just stay at the back of your mind silently screaming “who needs work and major priorities, there are friends in books to meet and do not forget to re-watch all 9 episodes of Sherlock in case you have forgotten them” my goodness how that made you so crazy that major priorities became minor.

Normal never suited you. 
I hope that you still believe that weird = different = new so that you are always aware of the possibility you bring!

Haa ha ha! When the biggest issue was whether you would be remembered as a nice person or not, because you had to make sure that everyone liked you. No. No more. I hope you have it integrated into your brain that you don't need to care about what anyone else thinks of you as long as no one is hurt by your actions, you continue to do what makes you happy. Gosh that was a hard thing to learn and when you realised that not everyone was going to like you >.< I hope you grew out of that!

Please never look back at the past with regret, know that it has helped shape you into who you are now and with the knowledge of knowing that the present is really the past so you can smile at your future as you create it today. I hope tomorrow is good. I hope Mondays are better.

Also make sure you enjoy the finest things in life before it's all gone. Don't feel bad, you deserve it especially if you're reading this at 20, oh my gosh if you are; go eat something fancy right now and not just Tesco Finest but something posh like macarons or tea and cake in a posh place because that is just so fancy =P

Yours Truly,
16 year old Me