Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Nails 2015

Ooo so Christmas is tomorrow and this holiday I've really been feeling the festive vibe so wanted to show a little of my excitement through my nails, just because I know that it can always be shown without making a massive statement. I also like how they're so simple and go with my style perfectly.

I first had some fake nails in matte black and these were  from Primark as I don't do this often and there wasn't any special occasion so I didn't want to go all out cost wise and I knew these are  very much worth their price. They come with nail glue so nothing extra is needed, there's also a lot of sizes so it's not hard to find the right ones for each nail as well as enough to wear it a couple of times later.

To make the Christmas nail I had the Maybelline New York Colour Show combo of Red 353 and Platinum Adorn 602 which was perfect for Christmas. The red coat needed to be applied twice to cover the black but it really was the perfect Christmas red. The top coat of platinum adorn reminded me of Christmas jumpers as it had a lot of sparkles and that silver tinsel feel which complimented the matte black perfectly.  

Overall I liked that one of the nails are super fun as they suit the season whilst not being too overpowering as it is only one nail therefore keep the classy look the matte nails add!

Happy Christmas to any one celebrating it and I hope that everyone is just having a good holiday and making the most of this winter break, make the most of these last few days before the new year and I hope that you can forgive everyone for the sake of being able to end this year in peace!

Lots of love to my sweeties x