Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Toothy Tabs by Lush

Lush is without a doubt one of my favourite shops. Definitely. Yet is it weird I've never really tried the toothy tabs? Okay maybe in the beginning I got to take a couple as a sample but they were gross  and just made me more grateful for toothpaste but when my friend got me this as a weird and wacky present (and you know why not say my breath smells on my birthday with a gift why why not) I couldn't do anything but give it a go!

Even though I know that the basic idea is that you chew these and then brush your teeth I decided to read the instructions just to make sure, it says “Nibble one (they're big enough) between the teeth and start brushing” so I did exactly that ands let me just point out that this was in the evening after my fun day out so I was tired okay but I just wanted to get the sense of trying this new product out of me. So there I am nibbling whilst being my sleepy self when it just starts foaming like crazy and at this point I tried brushing my teeth because I realised I was supposed to use the foam as the toothpaste and agh there was just foam going crazy I looked rabid at this point but I just wanted clean teeth so I put energy mode on and started to carefully keep enough of the foam to brush my teeth whilst just splurging out the rest. It was an event. Like I had no warning but it just made me extremely tired and ready for bed. In hindsight it did clean my teeth and to be honest it was a lot more gentle then toothpaste and you could really feel that this was most likely made by someone who has  a lot of sodium bicarbonate and cream of tartar and decided to just pour a load in.

The second time did not go as bad as the first, I was ready, I was more awake. I  knew what to expect and I was going to win, not the toothy tabs because I have  been watching a lot of Korean drama recently and I've  learnt that “you can do anything if you put your whole heart and mind into it” so there I was carefully, yet swiftly nibbling on the toothy tabs and then brushing my teeth just before the foam started so that I was able to control it and it was much better then the first time cause I still had that satisfied feeling from brushing my teeth at night (that can't be just me?) but there was no mess and that was just the best, I could brush my teeth peacefully again!! ^.^

The third time I thought I would try something a little different and bite it with the back of my teeth and okay I know I say that the foam is the worst part but it is essential so when I had to nibble more to create enough foam it felt more of a chore and like I had to concentrate more and this might seem like a bore to read like why am I even typing this but it seriously matters because it was a whole new situation even though it was a simple change! Yet it did help me create a more effective brushing as my back teeth were cleaned more now so it wasn't all that bad.

All in all I might buy this product again as I do like that it is more calm and gentle for my teeth which is  especially lovely at night but I don't think I would really rave about this product as it does take time to learn to use comfortably and isn't necessarily fun but it does help the environment by creating less non-recyclable waste so hopefully I can try a different one next time and see how that is!

Overall rating… 7/10