Saturday, 12 December 2015

Melting Marbles Bath Pearls by Bubble T


Okay so  the first thing I'm gonna say is that is this packaging not just the cutest thing you have laid your eyes on like the pink and white is just so girly and fun and do the pearls themselves just not look like they are waiting for you to them in your bath because for me it actually just looks like rubber bouncy balls! 

But I'd like to thank my wonderful brother for buying me this as a cute little gift as my birthday just went recently and I have decided to blog about it as I have not seen this before but it seemed really fun and something I'm sure a lot of you would like. 

I got the product in summer fruits tea which may not have matched the weather so much but it definitely does match my mood as sweet smells are mainly my favourite scent.
I've got to say the first whiff is very strong and it just hits you straight up but after taking one out it was a more lighter, classic fragrance of floral berries smell. 

The bath pearl itself is really squishy but I was scared I was going to pop it so I decided to just let it sit in the tub and do its thing, by the way the water needs to be relatively hot otherwise it'll take some time and you could pop it yourself but I think that just takes away a bit of the fun. 

Okay so I know it smells like summer fruits but it's basically just an oil so even though I ended up smelling so fresh and frilly and amazing by the end I felt so warm and cuddly!! I definitely will hold this product sacred to me because the smell is long-lasting as an oil however I would next time decided to use it for a soak instead of a bath to clean myself as it was kind of hard to have a proper scrub when I felt oily but this is great for a more relaxing at home pamper evening to leave your skin well nourished and smelling wonderful!

Overall rating... 8/10